Originally from Sweden, and having also lived in Italy, Belgium and now expatriated in Hong Kong - I am a true multilingual enthusiast, speaking fluently 4 languages (English, French, Swedish, Italian with some knowledge of Dutch), and have a great understanding of multicultural environments and interest in meeting people from different backgrounds.

With 15 years Multinational Corporate experience, I have held various Managerial roles in both Finance (Financial Auditing in a Big4, Financial Controlling) and Human Resources (HR Business Partner, HR Controlling & Performance, Recruiting, Compensation & Benefits) and worked committedly with people from all levels of the organisations. I also spent 1 year working as Head of Business Development for Transcend International, a leading globally-accredited (ICF & EMCC) Professional Coach training & services organisation based in Hong Kong.


I have always had a passion for listening and encouraging people to grow and lead the life they want. I truly believe we all have talents and aspirations. Sometimes we just need to reconnect to our deep interests, rediscover our passions, reconfirm our core values, all this to lead a life that is meaningful and in line with the best version of ourselves. We often find ourselves running in hamster wheels juggling in-between work, family and other demanding commitments. At other times, we find ourselves feeling stuck in unpleasant, demotivating or stressful situations without realising the extraordinary fact that we actually have the power to change this unwanted context.

The starting point to achieving any type of change in our lives is self-awareness: becoming aware of yourself and of your intrinsic needs, aspirations, feelings, thoughts, core values, (limiting) self-beliefs, strengths, weaknesses, energy-drivers and energy-drainers. Taking the time to simply pause and reflect upon all these points, is the starting point to realising your best self. And this is where coaching can help. Coaching provides that intimate space for you to truly reflect upon yourself and on what you really want out of life. And the journey is fascinating.

My passion for empowering people to unlock their full potential naturally led me to embark on a Professional Coach training journey when landing in Hong Kong, where I gained my Certificate in Professional Coaching ACSTH (an International Coaching Federation, ICF, accredited coach training program). Today I provide Executive & Life Coaching to help individuals identify what they really want, create positive change, achieve desired growth, and reach meaningful personal & professional goals - all this through self-discovery, increased self-awareness, well-formed goals setting and accountable action plans.


I am also passionate about Breathwork and am proudly the very first and only Certified BREATHE™ trainer in Hong Kong, after having studied renowned Dr Belisa Vranich's The Breathing Class methodology and completed the teacher trainer cetification course (

My own breathwork journey unofficially began many years ago when I suffered a major professional burnout - resulting in a year long illness-leave filled with exhaustion, anxiety and medication. Thanks to a wonderful therapist I met at the time, who integrated breathwork with the more conventional counseling methods, I rediscovered the importance of my own breath. Most of all, I understood how poorly I was breathing and probably had been breathing for decades (for instance, I would unconsciously hold my breath during the day - a very common dysfunctional breathing habit known as "breath apnea"). I became more aware of my own breath and how correct functional lower-body breathing can drastically improve overall health and well-being as well as contribute to better stress and anxiety management. Not only is optimal breathing a powerful self-help tool - it’s the cheapest (it’s free!) and medication-free solution you can find on the market! Correct breathing also has numerous health benefits like improving sleep; resolving digestive issues, neck & shoulder stiffness, and lower-back pain; enhancing endurance and more! Intrigued by the immense power of the breath, I wanted to learn more about the mechanics and psychology of breathing and decided to study with renowned Dr Belisa Vranich to learn about her fascinating and science-based breathwork methodology - which is what I teach clients today.

I provide Breathwork training to help people increase their own breath awareness as well as acquire the knowledge, skills and exercises needed to break poor breathing habits and re-learn to breathe optimally and efficiently – improving mental & physical health, endurance and well-being.


Today I focus entirely on my true aspirations (my Ikigai): providing Professional Coaching & Breathwork training - in addition to being a mum of 2 and finding time for my much devoted power-walks, reading & yoga practice!






  • Certificate in Professional Coaching (ICF ACSTH) from Transcend International, Hong Kong - A dually-accredited Professional Coach training program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentor & Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • Advanced Certificate in Professional Coaching (ICF ACSTH) (ongoing) from Transcend International, Hong Kong - A dually-accredited Professional Coach training program by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the European Mentor & Coaching Council (EMCC)

  • Certificate in Team Coaching Fundamentals from Transcend International and Coaching & Mentoring International (CMI), Hong Kong

  • Certified Breathwork BREATHE™ trainer - Completed the Breathe Certification Teacher Training Program from The Breathing Class™ (


  • Hay Group training "Introduction to Job Evaluation", Belgium

  • Quintessence training “Competency-Based Interviews”, Belgium

  • Dale Carnegie training “Communication & Leadership”, Belgium


  • 15 years Multinational Corporate experience working in Finance (Big4) & Human Resources

  • 1 year as Head of Business Development at Transcend International ( a leading globally-accredited (ICF & EMCC) Professional Coach training & services organisation based in HK


  • Master in Economics from the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Member of the HKICC (Hong Kong International Coaching Community)



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