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Liza did a fantastic job of stimulating and energizing our HEC Executive MBA participants during an online major. In 45 minutes, she was able to provide them with very useful breathing tools to refocus and re-energize back in their work situation. I highly recommend Liza who is very professional and knows how to adapt to international audiences of all profiles.

Nathalie Lugagne - HEC Paris, Associate Professor & Associate Dean of Executive Education


Liza is one of the most powerful yet gentle coaches I've experienced. She brings lightness, freedom, and space to her sessions, and she allowed me to create and address what truly mattered at the very moment.
Liza's ability to create a tremendous amount of trust almost instantaneously takes the coaching interaction to the highest possible level. I truly value the time I spent with Liza. Thank you!

Software Engineer Manager, Germany

Liza helped me to create a space for me to reflect upon my strengths, my skills, my achievement, my values and my aspiration. She helped me at a time where I felt a bit lost and uncertain. I have regained self confidence and the coaching journey has helped me formulate my goals and steps to achieve them. I am feeling more positive, stronger and more confident than before and especially much clearer on my intentions and my personal objectives.

Marie d'Hauteville - Head of Commercial Platform APAC (Travel Retail)

"I highly recommend Liza. I contacted her so she could explain to the members of my Club (French CEOs based in Hong Kong) the best way to breath. It was linked to a meeting about stress with a professor later in the day. I was impressed first by Liza's sense of timing and efficiency : she managed to make a short version for us, engaging the members, delivering practical informations using tools. It was a fun and learning, and I now personally use her technique! Thank you Liza for your smile and flexibility."

Rose Claverie - APM Club HK (Association Progrès du Management)

Quarantine can be very tricky to deal with when your living in a confined space for a couple weeks. So when I moved into my small qt room, I decided to reach out to Liza, to guide me through 3 breathwork sessions to help ease my anxiety of staying alone in confined quarters. 
Liza, I can’t thank you enough for equipping me with the right tools to help me find comfort in the discomfort of quarantine. Your Breathwork and coaching sessions helped elicit my relaxation response and my quality of living actually improved as I neared the end of my 2 week stay. 
For anyone about to head into quarantine, or in it now, I highly, highly recommend Liza’s sessions. And the tools she teaches will equip you for life in dealing with any stress or anxiety life throws your way! You’re the best Liza, thank you so much!

Rosa Wan

I had three sessions with Liza and each session built on the last. The main purpose was to give me structure and a framework to help me keep focussed and progressing. I enjoyed Liza's style, her questions, the way she listened, observed and repeated things back to me, often asking me how I felt when hearing what I had said. I completed three major projects which I had been putting off during the period I was having the sessions with Liza and have since been able to maintain the momentum, using the steps which we put in place. I very much enjoyed working with Liza and have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Angela Hancock - CEO BustARut HK, Health Coach

My coaching sessions with Liza were hugely beneficial. Liza partnered with me to find clarity around what I want from my professional life and overall career. She also guided me in making a really important personal decision. Throughout our sessions, Liza was really professional, a great listener and had a challenging yet empathetic coaching style.

Geraldine Cashman - Senior Manager & Team Leader at LINKEDIN

Liza is very knowledgeable and shared such valuable information about the way we breath. Even after practising yoga for over 10 years I still found this class incredibly helpful for my practice and daily life. I would very honestly recommend this workshop to everyone!

Dyana Nagrani - CEO, Business Owner & Yoga Teacher

I really enjoyed Liza’s well taught session. It was very well paced and yet very in-depth. As I teach breath work already in Yoga, called Pranayama, I was interested to learn more about this new (to me) perspective. I feel this is such valuable information especially at this time of Covid-19, to get this information out. To teach people of the value of their own breath and how it can help so many of our own health issues. Liza is a skilled coach and I would definitely recommend her to anyone with an interest in becoming healthier and more connected to their breath.

Wendy Wyvill, Yoga teacher at PURE (HK)

The Breathwork Training with Liza helped me understand much better how we breathe, where we breathe and what impact "the right but also wrong way" of breathing has on our health and overall wellbeing. I learned interesting facts which were brought across through Liza in a very interesting, vivid and easy to understand way. She used great examples and did never forget to make sure that we have time for questions and clarification. We left with a bunch of great breathing exercises that can be practiced while driving, standing in a supermarket queue, while doing yoga or whenever we have the time. I feel more aware of my breathing habits and became much more conscious around how I breathe which ultimately and hopefully will get me to practice a healthy way of breathing more and more often - especially when I'm stressed or tired. I would definitely recommend one or more Breathwork Sessions to everyone who likes to practice self care because the right breathing seems to be a very important element in our daily wellbeing. Liza is on top a lovely, fun and energetic coach!

Franziska von Kleist - Life Coach

Liza was fantastic. She gives you a clear outline of what is necessary to increase your own breath awareness and introduce good habits. She is an excellent coach and a good listener. I can highly recommend her. Liza has set me off on a course of breath discovery for myself!

Liane Mansfield

Liza is a wonderful coach who enabled me to articulate my inner thoughts and goals. She always asked the right questions and guided the discussion in a way that encouraged self-reflection which allowed me to feel happier, more in control and more productive.

Bindiya Rupani, Consultant Marketing & Communications in HK


What a gift our session with Liza was! She provided the intellectual framework for understanding the breathwork concept and the practical exercises enabling us to experience for ourselves. I hope to carry this practice forward for a lifetime.

Huge thank you Liza! It was such an inspiration--and an eye-opener. We would highly recommend your training to anyone--teams, families. We will start to include breathing exercises at the start of our team meetings. 

Sue Toomey, Executive Director, HandsOn Hong Kong (non-profit organization)

WhatsApp message - "Liza I had an amazing reflection as I was coaching a client today. I noticed that I have been very positive since last week - I have been navigating the usual stress, difficult conversations, emotions of others, just work and life in general and have been responding very positively to the point other people keep making comments about - I have been sleeping less, eating the same, exercising less - I am thinking to myself - well I guess I am just feeling well these days .... then when I was listening to my client this morning, it hit me - omg!  It has to be the breathing!    Like Liane said I am more conscious and I cannot tell you how often I catch myself holding my breath - so by correcting that, I am a better person and performing better at work!  Imagine that 🎉🥂❤️"

Tamami Shudo Bord - Professional Coach and Founder & Director Moment.D Ltd.

I really enjoyed my session with Liza. It definitely made me realise that I hadn't been breathing properly all this time. After the first session, I felt much more relaxed and my back and neck definitely felt lighter.

Danielle Taylor, Physio & Owner of Thrive Health HK

Thank you Liza for this amazing workshop together. I was so convinced I was a good “breather” ! Ah well there is a lot of room for improvement and thanks to this workshop I came home with a lot of knowledge and self practice to actually become a real good “breather” !

Anne Saint-Cirgue, Director & Management Consultant in PPE industry

I know more about myself, each session is interesting because each time we have a different output. The most memorable session is the one where we did core value practice, really made me understand myself more in the process.

Monique Yau, Program & Events Officer

I really enjoyed Liza's breathwork training session done with our team. She was well prepared and professional in explaining the concepts, and was caring and considerate when leading us through different exercises. I particularly like her using metaphors to show how our body works and why breathing correctly is so important. I would definitely recommend Liza's breathwork training to everyone who wants to lead a healthy life.

Sophy Lai, Associate Program Director at HandsOn Hong Kong

The session was very informative and clearly delivered by Liza who is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject. I have learned some new breathing techniques and I am now able to practise improving the quality of my breathing at home. I would definitely recommend the session with Liza.

Caroline Vimont, Entrepreneur in HK

I really enjoyed the help to find how to breath with more purpose. Liza was amazing at explaining and guiding how to improve my breathing.

Lina Hedenberg, Recruitment Specialist

I really enjoyed my first coaching journey - it was really mind opening. It really helped me realize that I can set and achieve the goals that I want.

Alma Arredondo, Manager Food & Beverage

I thoroughly enjoyed the breathing class and recommend anyone to give it a try. It was a good mix between a lecture on anathomy, mechanics and psychology of breathing patterns, and a breath workout. It was also helpful to get your own breathing assessment. Liza was a great coach and adjusted the training well to our group. I felt both calm and energized afterwards, and realise that there is a lot of potential in breathwork training. I would love to learn more!

Eva Ladeborn, Editor of Bulletinen, Hong Kong

I recommend! It is worth the time! 2 hours for ourself out of home and parenting, to (re)learn how to breath (I wasn’t aware that I didn’t breath in an optimum way and became more conscious about it) and can now use the exercices in my daily life.

Gaud Pariset, Sculpteur

WhatsApp message - "Hi Liza, the workshop was wonderful! I received very good feedback from the girls! They said their body tension is much released. My sore neck and shoulders also much lesser! Yesterday I also immediately did a follow up with some of the team. Most feedback was that if they have a good breathing habit, their body will be in better condition which is definitely good for their work too!"

Iris Chu - Spa Manager of L'Occitance Provence HK

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